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So I’m getting ready to celebrate my birthday in Orlando for the next few days, and I finally get to meet the guy i’ve been dating. I’m so beyond excited. I’ve never really liked a guy so much before. He’s so sweet to me.  Shake N Bass tonight, followed by a motel room with da bae. Then Hard Rock hotel pool hangs, movies, and dinner date tomorrow. Then Tuesday, I’m celebrating my birthday at Roxy for Takeovr and then a motel party afterwards. I’m so stoked to see all my friends and so ready to make things official with my bb. 

mmm, life is looking up <3

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New ink! If you know me personally, you know how much Tupac and Biggie have impacted my life.
I am transparent.
I am a greenhouse filled with ghosts.

long ass shift at work, but man, i’m glad I was able to put some winter in my nose afterwards. Only thing that makes me happy these days.

I love cocaina~

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I hate liking people, because I imagine, if they ever gave me the chance, making them happy. I would love more than anything to be in a relationship  with someone I can sing to. Someone who makes me want to sing out to the world, how truly and deeply happy they make me feel.

One day.

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rave princess *u*